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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

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About the only thing I feel we missed out on, besides good parts in these films for Troi, Geordi, Crusher and Riker, was simply more time to see the Enterprise-D on the big screen.
Indeed. It sure looks good in Generations. Then they figured out the most ridiculous way to blow it up. I kept waiting for them to unload on that BoP. Who needs shields?! Why waste precious time doing a 180 in front of a little ship that can do circles around you anyway? Why "wait to shoot until Data does his hacking"? Just use your arsenal already and slag that obsolete little scout ship. If they had put down fire like back in "The Survivors", BoP would've gone poof.

Now if the Duras sisters had been on a Vorcha-class ship, the scenario would have been much more interesting. I'm sure I've read on this forum that budget problems were the reason for that sad BoP being used. The TV Vorcha model is also likely nowhere near detailed enough for a movie and so they would probably have had to build a new one.

All of the TNG movies needed better writing though IMO.

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