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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I've just started Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (it came with the Xbox I bought to replace the old one). It's actually pretty good, from what I've played so far. A lot of humor, and full of 4th-wall breaking.

I had tried Viva Pinata before that (it also came with the Xbox), but I gave up on it after playing it a bit. It's just not my thing.

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I finished Portal! The boss fight was fun.
Did you keep the game on for the credits? That song is just awesome. Kinda like the game itself.

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I've never played HL1. What I find annoying is how confusing the levels are, I never know where to go next. I have to constantly look at the walk through just to know where the hell I'm supposed to be going. And the vehicle stages are just horrible, the control scheme is so awkward. I don't play a lot of FPS but I guess I'm just spoiled with the Halo games.
I get ya. If you are mostly just used to the Halo games it's quite understandable that you'd get frustrated with HL2. I admit the vagueness of what you are supposed to do irked me a bit when I first played it. It's not for everyone, I suppose.
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