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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Mother - Fascinating Korean murder mystery that doesn't go where you expect...

The Green Zone
- The first half is a fun action movie but then it gets sidetracked in trying to shoehorn an extremely pat viewpoint onto a wildly complex situation (that probably defies being condensed into a two hour flick of any sort, much less an action movie), which results in absurdities such as the incomprehensibility of Greg Kinnear's character's motivations.

If they wanted a heavy for the movie, they should have chosen a more plausible one, somebody who could be expected to benefit from the lie and get away unscathed: the Iraqi exile leader (an Allawi stand-in, not sure if they actually used that name) or various oil companies would have obvious and ironclad motivations.

And the ending is dopey, essentially saying that everything we saw in the movie was pointless. So why make the movie???
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