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Re: Trek Comic Caption Contest #3: NOT Delta Vega!

Insectoid 1: "Aaaah!! Which grub's the queen? Which grub's the queen?!"

Insectoid 2: "They all look identical!"

Spock: "Gentlemen, I am very sorry. I was quite unaware that this was the nursery chamber. If you'll kindly...

Insectoid 1: "Shut up!"

Queen Grub: "I'm over here! I'm the grub with body segments!!"

Klingon: "...and this "hurling faeces" you speak of. An intriguing technique - but is it an honourable attack?"

Ape: "We've never had any complaints, sir. We think most of our foes were too embarrassed".

Klingon: "The Empire will update its tactics accordingly".
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