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Re: TNG Movies...Are We Missing Out???

The thing that strikes me in hindsight with all seven seasons of the show and four movies behind us (in some cases gratefully behind us) -- and helped a bit by RedLetterMedia's great YouTube reviews -- is how much budgetary considerations probably led to the disconnect between the show and the films. Watching the series again you start to appreciate how much money Picard's restrained, "Ask questions first, conference, shoot later but probably not" approach saved the production. It amazes me how much of TNG was two characters pretty much just talking to each other (I'm typing this after watching "The Enemy" for the first time in years). Not that that's a bad thing at all but once they had money in the films we got action-hero Picard, lots of splosions, Borgs, dune buggies (still scratching my head about that one), etc.

I think this is why Generations is my favorite TNG film; for all its faults it looked and felt the most like a continuation of the show. After that (IMHO) the Enterprise got ugly, the uniforms got ugly, everything went dark and drab, and TNG became something unrecognizable to me.
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