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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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It makes a good membership requirement for the UFP, too - you must be able to pull your own weight militarily - at least to be able to provide coast guard sorts of support for your own systems and a region of space beyond those, too.
I recalled this from an old thread and dug it out.

If you (as a planet) came to the Federation, hat in hand, they might help you, but that doesn't mean you get made a Member. Managing a single warp flight doesn't qualify you for Membership. Being able to pulling your own weigh militarily makes a certain amount of sense from the Federation's point of view. You'll be able to make the group stronger.

Bajor had a small space fleet, they used it to challenge the Romulans over control of one of the Bajorian moons.

I've also noticed that in every case of whether or not a Member had any colonies, the Member always did. Now most of the time the question was never raised, but when it was, the answer was always yes. Prior to the creation of the Federation Earth, Vulcan and Andor all had colonies. Even poor and impoverished Bajor had colonies (colony?). This might one of the many requirements to becoming a new Federation Member. You have to demonstrate the ability.

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Ohio is not the same thing as its citizens.
Wrong, the Ohio government isn't same thing as Ohio's citizens. Ohio is it's citizen, just as America is it people. Look I aware that there are employees (I consider elected politicians employees) who think that the US Government is somehow the entire country all by itself, that they are in no way "ambassadors" of the little people who elected them and that by simply winning a election they have near unlimited power.

The fact that America doesn't currently have a single payer health care plan, mean all that's false. Politicians are on a leash. The people are the ones (usually) in control. And the people of Ohio were asked (through their mouth pieces) about the declaration of war.

The preamble to the US Constitution doesn't start with "We The Government..."

Another possibility is that Starfleet has a ongoing mandate to defend the Federation,
Are you seriously going to claim that Starfleet gets to decide when the Federation goes to war...
What I'm seriously claiming is that Starfleet gets to decide when to engage in COMBAT, not war. That, barring any instructions from the politicians of the moment, Starfleet would fight a foreign force attacking the Federation. Sci, it wouldn't make a difference it the defence were labeled as a war, a skirmish, a incident, whatever. Starfleet officers operate under standing rules of engagement. They started fighting the Dominion under those standing orders.

Starfleet was going to fight the Dominion, unless the President ordered them to stop.

Sci wrote: View Post
George wrote: View Post
Regarding the point that governments may not wish to reveal the existence of the UFP to the general population, I think that the UFP should not listen to those governments, but rather consult its observation teams, asking them, not the governments, whether the population seems ready. If the OTs say yes, but the government says no, the government should be ignored.
Oh, really? So, in other words, we should ignore their sovereignty and violate the will of the legitimate government of the planet being contacted?
Just that, we contact the planet, not the government. (maybe the government too, at some later time)

You are robbing that culture of its right to make its own choices through its legitimate government.
But a direct contact would be the epitome of the inhabitents "making it own choices."

The antithesis of the culture "making it own choices" would seem to be what you're suggesting.

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