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Re: Angel ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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The basket scene alone makes this wonderful. All told it's pretty good stuff though, a revolution in three eps.
The Bad;
It is a very good scene. I like the others' reactions to The Host's head talking, and the transition from the inside-the-basket POV to a moonlit night sky is a neat touch.

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All told it's pretty good stuff though, a revolution in three eps.

This episode is very well executed in many ways, as are the preceding three. The storyline could very easily fallen completely flat and been something of an embarrassment, so I guess that everyone was out of their comfort zone. It has a fine mixture of humour, drama and wit; the Whedonverse doing Hercules/Xena. Highlights include the wisecracking severed-head Lorne and Amy Acker's wonderfully kooky and bashful turn as Fred.

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In demon form he rather resembles the Incredible Hulk.

Green, tough-looking, strong, angry and inarticulate. The similarities between the two (or four?) characters doesn't stop there, though, as both Angel and Dr Banner have an abiding frear of what their alter egoes / alternate personalities might do. If the creature is a deliberate reference to the Hulk, it's seemingly a recurring motif in this show. Lilah says something like "Yeah, yeah, Hulk smash!" in one episode where Angel tries to put the heebie-jeebies up her, and then there's The Incredible Host in season 5's Life Of The Party.

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Willow at the end is heartbreaking, how much can Alysson Hannigan emote with just her expression?



Eight out of ten as well for this episode, I reckon.
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