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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

Re. Our Mrs Reynolds:

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Marks out of 10; 8 bordering on a 9, really good, up there with Serenity as the best ep so far, funny, thrilling and some great character moments, really like Saffron and I hope we might see her again, I hope the rest of the series is this good.
Definitely a nine from me. It's always a pleasure to watch this episode, with Whedon giving us his take on the "light-hearted comedy episode" and pulling a twist halfway through. As Wash says, Saffron humped them hard.

Dialogue-wise, this is textbook Whedon (if that's not an oxymoron). It may actually be the wittiest episode he's written. The cast is on great form, gelling perfectly and seeming to relish every beat, which helps to make this ep endlessly rewatchable.

Best line? "Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle". There's plenty of stiff competition, though.

I'm amused by Inara's line about "hundreds of fat children". This brings to mind the Whedon-scripted Buffy episode Amends, where the First (as the ghost of one of Angel's victims) says to Angel "I wanna die in bed surrounded by fat grandchildren, but guess that's off the menu". I guess that he's hearkening back to times when being a little bit chubby was considered a good and even attractive thing, as it was a sign of success.
Morena Baccarin is just great in this episode, showing spot-on timing and an ability to make one feel for Inara without the appearance of trying too hard. Whedon's confidence in and fondness for the characters and the actors is, in my opinion, evident throughout. A stone-cold classic episode of television.
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