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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Bad luck with your game selection haha! You taught Leeds a lesson though so don't worry about. You're right about Kev's injury, I did think the worst! He got clattered against the Sheffield thugs last week, and 15 minutes is a damn long time to be down. He's a hard man though, Kev, he'll be back soon. Matthews is a more than capable replacement long or short-term.

I've not see Seyi play yet - I was a bit dubious when he signed, but since then I've considered his stints at Stoke and Hull in the Prem, and apparently Dave Jones signed him for Wolves way back when so he's got more pedigree than I realised. I hear he can pick a mean pass too, which we sorely need someone to do. With him and Koumas I'm happy with us going forward. Please, please, please strengthen at the back though, or at least play Gerrard and someone, anyone, better than Hudson.

Which is my way of saying god I hope Bellamy doesn't sign for us. He's a menace. He'd destroy a lot of this division, but surely he'd cost too much even on loan and rub people up the wrong way. A luxury we don't need in my opinion.

Weren't some of Derby's players playing out of position, or have I just forgotten some of them over the summer?

ETA: and wasn't it lovely to see Ipswich still know how to throw away a nailed-on win and have a nice 1-1 draw instead? My optimism for the season keeps on growing.
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