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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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As I understand it, all the Ohio state delegates did voted for war against Germany on December 11,1941.
But that doesn't mean they asked Ohio's permission.
State Congressional delegations, and state officials, represent the people of their state (hopefully), so how wasn't Ohio asked?
Because it was neither put to a referendum in Ohio, nor was the elected Ohio government asked. Yes, the persons elected by the Ohio population to represent them in the Congress voted on the declaration of war, but that's not the same thing as Ohio being asked. The difference is that Members of Congress work for the people of a state, not the state itself.

That's why the Governor of the State of Ohio can't call up the Ohio Congressional delegation and tell them how to vote on a given matter. They're not ambassadors, they're independent federal legislators. They don't work for Ohio, they work for the people of Ohio.

Ohio is not the same thing as its citizens. The State of Ohio is the political organization that its citizens empower to make the law for them; it is not the same thing as the people living in the place called Ohio.

Another possibility is that Starfleet has a ongoing mandate to defend the Federation, to their best ability, as the Admiralty decides. While instructions from politicians are a possibility, under the Federation-Starfleet system they might not be necessary.
Are you seriously going to claim that Starfleet gets to decide when the Federation goes to war and the elected Federation government doesn't necessarily have any say in it? That the Federation is in essence a military dictatorship?

But of course you aren't. Know why you aren't? Because both Star Trek VI and DS9's "Homefront"/"Paradise Lost" made it very clear that Starfleet doesn't get to make those decisions for itself, but instead must get permission from the Federation President.
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