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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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And yet the Federation was still able to make Vulcan go to war with the Dominion without asking Vulcan's permission, the same way the United States didn't have to ask Ohio's permission to declare war on the Third Reich in the 1940s.
As I understand it, all the Ohio state delegates did voted for war against Germany on December 11,1941.
But that doesn't mean they asked Ohio's permission.
State Congressional delegations, and state officials, represent the people of their state (hopefully), so how wasn't Ohio asked?

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There's no canonical indication that Federation secession is legal.
Neither is there any canonical indication that the Federation council declared war at all, which doesn't mean it didn't happen off camera. It's possible that "Declarations of War" are consider to be nothing more than some charming old custom from one member's dark ages.

Another possibility is that Starfleet has a ongoing mandate to defend the Federation, to their best ability, as the Admiralty decides. While instructions from politicians are a possibility, under the Federation-Starfleet system they might not be necessary.

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