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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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And yet the Federation was still able to make Vulcan go to war with the Dominion without asking Vulcan's permission, the same way the United States didn't have to ask Ohio's permission to declare war on the Third Reich in the 1940s.
As I understand it, all the Ohio state delegates did voted for war against Germany on December 11,1941.
But that doesn't mean they asked Ohio's permission. President Roosevelt did not call up John Bricker, Governor of the State of Ohio, to ask his permission. The Ohio General Assembly did not get a vote. The government of the State of Ohio had no authority whatsoever over how the Members of Congress from the State of Ohio voted on that declaration. Congressional delegations answer to the people of their districts and their states, but they do not actually answer to the state governments themselves.

The comparable situation, of course, would be that the Federation Councillor representing the Confederacy of Vulcan would have voted for the war against the Dominion. But that doesn't mean that the Federation President called up the Administrator of the Confederacy of Vulcan or that the Vulcan Council had any say.

Of the five declared wars in Americas history, three were delared when Congressinal delegations were selected directly by state governments
Congressional delegations have never been selected directly by state governments. United States Representatives have always been popularly elected; before the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913, only United States Senators were selected by state governments. And we've thankfully outgrown this ridiculous notion that federal legislators should have to answer to the state governments as if they're the governors' ambassadors.

In what episode was Vulcan "made" to go to war? The Vulcan government could have withdrawn from the collective decision the go to war, if necessary by withdrawing from Federation Membership.
Maybe. There's no canonical indication that Federation secession is legal. But if we accept the novels, which do indicate that secession is legal for the Federation, then we have to also accept that the Federation Council voted to declare war upon the Dominion after it attacked Deep Space 9 in the DS9 Season Five finale, "A Call to Arms," as established in the novel Articles of the Federation.
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