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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

I actually think my collecting days are winding down.

I've got almost all of the classics, minus the Pertwee/Maggots (which I didn't want), the Seventh/Tardis (which I was 50-50 on) and the Suicide Dalek from the Fourth Doctor Adventure set.

I've got all of the new series figures I wanted and once I receive the Delgado and Ainley Masters (the former was advance ordered before Mike was even solicited so I should be fine and the latter is in transit), barring any classic companions and the possible release of a Rory and new River Song figure... well, I think I'm set.

Eventually, I'll probably wind up selling most of my collection, minus the Doctors and classic Cybermen and Daleks, or giving them to my kids. When I have them and they're old enough to not break them as kids do.
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