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Re: Bioshock Infinite (Bioshock 3)

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Someone made the joke that Columbia will fall into the see and become Rapture at the end of the game...
If that's the case - which I doubt - it'd contradict Bioshock 2's account of Rapture's construction.

For the moment I'm willing to give Irrational the benefit of the doubt re: the association between this game and Bioshock. Whatever the association, though, it won't make the title any more palatable. On a purely aesthetic level it's horrific. Like Captain America: The First Avenger or whatever it's called.

One thing the game needs to address is race, since the in game posters seem to indicate a "white only" society. Bioshock 2 tried to address this with one of the characters being black, but it was all "we were supposed to be equal but old prejudices never die" or some such.
That was as much about class as it was race. Recall that Grace ran Pauper's Drop. Transcribing from the audio files:

"Andrew Ryan told me that in Rapture it didn't matter where you came from. Bunk! Times got hard and all our old bigotries bubbled right back up. But Dr. Lamb showed us that down under the skin, down under the money, down under our very name; we ... are ... family."

"Blood divides us, monster; it's blood that makes us strangers. But thanks to Dr. Lamb, we're all family now. One people. One cause. You can stop this heart, bleed this old body, but you cannot end the family. And as for you, tin daddy, you're dyin' alone."
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