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Re: Fairly Simple Photomanipulation

I suppose I could put that information right on the picture, but to be honest that sort of thing tends to annoy me as a viewer. It's one thing to do it with schematics, like crediting Vance's Toolkit. It's another when the picture is purely artistic.

I guess it sort of feels to me like tacking on all kinds of information to the Mona Lisa. It detracts from the artistic value of the portrait to write all over it.

(And no, I'm not comparing the artistic value of this pic with the Mona Lisa.)

That said, the point is well-taken. It's one of the reasons I like JPEGs and their internal comment. I suppose I could put all that info into the internal comment.

It might even be better, as regardless of who distributes the work, the comment probably won't be changed. One look at the comment, and you'd know I didn't do the original work.

(In point of fact, I routinely insert a standard comment in my images. I'm sort of conducting an experiment: how long and how many pictures will it take before Google searches return my pictures based on their JPEG comment?

(Actually, I just checked: while not fantastic, the Jackalope, Sonic Screwdrivers, and yellow avatars with a black circle are all from the JPEG comment rather than the filename.)

I'll see what I can do. To be honest, it's a fair amount of effort for something that, in ten years will probably only be found accidentally with a Google search.

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