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Re: Boy, those uniforms must bunch up very easily or something...

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Never having been forced to wear skin-tight spandex, I've always wondered... specifically what was it about the S1 & S2 uniforms that caused back pain for the actors? Supposedly that was a common complaint that was alleviated with the S3 uniforms. I can't understand how clothing alone can cause back pain (unless it's really heavy or something like that).
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I suspect it'd have something to do with always having to keep your bag tight and tense to stand up straight against the strain of the spandex trying to constrict you.
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I read somewhere (I think it was an unofficial Partick Stewart bio) that those S1&2 uniforms were too small to keep them always smooth on bodies. Now put on something tight, a size or two too small and wear for 10 hours staight, everyday for two years. I'm not sure it makes you get a back pain, but surely can become horribly uncomfortable and unbarable after some time.
According to what I read in Star Trek the Magazine, the spandex used in the S1&2 uniforms ran lengthwise on the actors' bodies, and the legs were held in place with stirrups. As the spandex would bunch, the stirrups would pull on the feet in a manner that would pull the shoulders down, throwing the back out of alignment and causing pain. Left too long, this would have the effect of some serious alignment damage for the wearer.
The spandex from S3 onward was arranged to wrap around the body laterally. It made the material look better, and was much healthier to wear, but had the disadvantage of magnifying any kind of paunch the actor might have. This is why all the leads were put in the woven fabric uniforms rather than the knit.
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