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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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You tell me:
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And the "Font" tags don't work on this BBS.

to be fair, this review is a HUGE improvement! way to go! but

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You're about to get into some of the best episodes this series has to offer and, well, I don't care.
well i do care. and,

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You're halfway through this series and I've no bead on your feelings on it, what your real opinions are on the series and your thoughts on each episode. I do know that Jack Jabaley has been used twice in Whedon's body of work so there's that... I guess.
so true! look, we know you came into firefly via the other joss whedon shows (Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse). this, of course, is the opposite of my experience: i started with firefly, and then - years later, and only grudgingly - moved onto Angel, which i love! i've enjoyed Dr. Horrible, but gave up quickly on Dollhouse. I'm still very far away from ever giving Buffy a try.

the point is, firefly is very unique - not only as a whedon creation, but also in the realm of science fiction television in general (compare Star Trek or Babylon 5 or SAaB or Farscape). the guns, the civil war motif, the chinese/asian culture, a Shepard of the Book - these things are wonderful IMNSHO. i love the underdog PoV (like Farscape, but very different from Star Trek or B5).

but, as Trekker4747 said, you're entering the very best string of firefly episodes, and we have no idea what you think of the show

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Ok, here we go, slimmed down and edited review which I hope will make people happier.
as i said, much better. can always be ever betterer

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ugh, the Preview Post button, use it.

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The good;
the song is even better. I
Jayne! the man they call Jayne!

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Zoe ... faked adulation of Jayne
OMG, is it really him!

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Kinky dinky;
Simon finally tells Kaylee that she's pretty and they get all snuggly over 'mudders milk' (nice pun).
things are going so well!
oh, well, then.

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Notches on the Serenity bedpost
i can see how this is important to kids in high school, but don't you think that, at some point, people just stop counting?

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Total Serenity crew
Whedon cliches


Knocked out

Know the face

Whedon alumni
Firefly speak
total waste of space.

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Women good/men bad;
Really like Inara's 'what makes a man' speech to her client.
Reminds me off
similar to the conversation the cylons have on the roof of the building on caprica (while stalking Helo), that a child never really grows up until his parents are dead. ok, maybe not exactly the same, but a similar vein.

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Not so fond of Jayne casually tossing his groupie aside the next morning with only a goodbye spank of her ass.
should he have paid for the cab? or bought breakfast?

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Crew injured;
Simon gets roughed up AGAIN! He's beginning to remind me of Joxer the Mighty. As Kaylee observes "You got to be steeley, can't let men be stomping in you so much"
i love watching them beat him up. must be the Fight Club in me

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Questions and observations;
So, beer was intended to keep the masses down? I wonder what went wrong?
[Cordy]Case you haven't been paying attention: Masses - not doing so well.[/Cordy]

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Jayne starts to develop a conscience, he and Mal beginning to bond again in the final scene.
It's my estimation that every man ever got a statue made of him was one kind of sommbitch or another.
as you said, kinda like saddam.

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trust in the harper.
the harper is good.

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