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Re: Fairly Simple Photomanipulation

sojourner wrote: View Post
Well. to start with. You can get banned from trekbbs. It's part of the forum rules here to give credit to the original artist.
I just want to be clear about this argument, because I find it highly specious:

Yesterday, I had an itch. I'd seen the picture of the two girls in the photoshoot and realized it could be photoshopped quite nicely -- even by someone totally artistically challenged like myself. So I whipped out the Gimp and amused myself for a couple of hours. I thought the TrekBBS Art forum members might be interested in the results, so I posted it.

I did not credit all the various players rather specifically because Picasa is a far better medium for doing so. Further, by linking to Picasa from the posted pics (as I did), any and all identification and tagging is available to any user who wants to see it.

Is it therefore necessary for me to post the original artists: the DeviantArt models and photographers; the artist who did the Scalos cityscape for Trek Remastered, our own deg3D (whose real name I didn't even know until I searched it so that I can tag it in Picasa); and some nameless photographer who took a picture of a Japanese bullet train?

(Particularly in the case of the bullet train, I'm not even sure if one could determine who the original photographer was. I just Googled "bullet train" and chose the first image with adequate lighting and angle.)

Is it necessary to quote all this information separately every time I post something, particularly when Picasa shows (or is being updated to show -- I have a ton of pics, and most of them are a hell of a lot more important to me than these three) all of this information for anyone who cares to look?

Look, the bottom line is that I was killing some time and thought the people in the forum might be interested. If this is really a problem, then the only way to deal with it is to do such work for myself and never post it where anyone can see.

I can't even email it, for fear that someone might post it publicly without crediting the original artists -- or worse, crediting me as the sole artist.

Is that the intent of those arguing that this couple of hours' amusement constitutes stealing others' work?

Also, I'm flaunting nothing with respect to how easy it is to do what I've done. The fact that it's easy is kind of the point: I can (and may) stop posting such things in public to avoid IP Nazis losing it on me. But that absolutely won't stop me from amusing myself in private.

That's the way the Internet works: millions of individuals using it to do whatever the hell they feel like, regardless of what any other individual may think.

In short, if you post something on the Internet, it becomes fair game because that's how the Internet works. You can make me retreat to the shadows and amuse myself alone, but you can't make me stop amusing myself.

(By the way, I should note that from an Internet perspective, I'm just being a nice guy by even mentioning the original artists. The overwhelming majority of people couldn't care less and would laugh at the suggestion. That's just how non-intuitive the argument is.)

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