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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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the same way the United States didn't have to ask Ohio's permission to declare war
As I understand it, all the Ohio state delegates did voted for war against Germany on December 11,1941.
I think Sci's point was that even if they hadn't voted for it, Ohio would (as a part of the US) still be at war.
I must have misunderstood Sci's words, my bad.

However, I do believe I'm correct that if the majority of the state delegations had voted against the war declaration the measure would have failed. In the portion of the war declaration pertaining to Japan, one senator (Montana?) did vote no.

Now of course US law does allow the President to send the military into combat without a formal declaration. During DS9, there was no (canon) declaration against the Dominion, in fact from on screen evidence it would seem on the surface that it was Starfleet's defense mandate that took the Federation into war, not a deliberate decision by the Federation council.

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