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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

See the tag you put at the front (and the end) of your post that says "[FONT=Arial]" ("[FONT=TIMES ROMAN]" in the other posts) that's a "Font Tag" (similar to the Italics, Bold and Underline tags used in a post to italicize, bolden and underline text) and it doesn't work in this forum. So it's just more clutter.

Your opinions on this episode are clear, a bit more clear than in the other reviews but still not very deep the reviews are still very bogged down in numbers and statistics. It's as if a Sports Reporter was talking about a game and instead of writting a 1,000-word report on what happened during the game, how he thought everyone played, where he thought the team went wrong he just wrote a couple of paragrpahs and then threw a bunch of numbers out there.

Your "reviews" are dragged down by the statistics and numbers.
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