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Re: Charisma Carpenter: Genre babe of the week #29 (Aug. 2010)

I missed the last couple of threads so I may go back, vote, and comment on them here... but... I scrolled by... saw Charisma Carpenter.....

Well. She is 40. A quick search of somewhat recent pictures yielded nothing horrifying so it's an easy thumbs up. I remember flipping channels 10+ years ago and seeing her on Buffy and did a total double take. This woman was just so ridiculously hot that she retains more than enough hotness far longer than the average hot chick.

Buffy was a show with a lot of hot chicks and I think Charisma was easily the finest. Alyson Hannigan was the worst.. well, unless you are counting the Amber Bensons of the world. With the rest there are arguments you can make. SMG did get too skinny and looked her best probably in Season 2 (S1 was just a little heavier, but much better than S6 or so super-skinny).
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