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Re: The Law Returns. This Time With His Helmet On! Judge Dredd!

For the record though, and as someone who started reading 2000AD with Prog 219!, I had to say, I don't think the Stallone film is quite the abomination its made out to be. Very flawed but MEga City 1 looks the part, and Sly isn't that bad, and as for Rob Schneider, it isn't like the comic Dredd hasn't had a succesion of comedy sidekicks. Max Normal? Walter the Wobot?
I tend to agree it wasn't that bad as a film in it's own right. I rather enjoyed bits of it. If anything I thought the movie's Mean Machine was a little played down!
I'd certainly be curious to see a director's cut version as I gather the film was ratehr heavily edited by the studio (the ending in particular) and it very clearly shows in places. Notice how you see the clones hatch but in the next scene they're all gone? I'm not saying a DC would drastically improve matters, but I'm curious to see how different it could have been.
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