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I'm writting a fanfic consisting of a child born of the Voyager crew, the daughter of Chakotay and Seven of Nine in a post-"Endgame" senario.

When considering names for the infant, I had thought of the name "Elizabeth," to be chosen by both parents to honor Admiral Kathryn "Elizabeth" Janeway. But as I was watching a few Enterprise episodes, I reencountered the episodes "Demons" and "Terra Prime." The focus of both episodes is the beloved Elizabeth, the daughter and binary clone of Trip and T'Pol.

I am concerned about giving the name Elizabeth to Chakotay and Seven's daughter. I wonder if it would be redundant, as the name is already in use by another beloved character.

Please let me know how you feel about this name, and give any suggestions you have as to another name you feel would fit applicably.

(All comments on this topic are welcome, but please no hate comments if you are a more traditionalistic "JC" fan. I am simply writting for the joy and pleasure of exploring the Trek universe.)
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