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Re: Angel ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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Wes phones home, when we see his dad in 'Lineage' we understand this conversation better.
this is one of my very favorite scenes in angel.
Yes, mum. Yes, well, put him on. - Right. You too.

Hello father. Happy Birthday. - How are you? - Good. - No! It's going quite well actually. - Yes. I have news. - I've been put in charge of our group. - Yes, as their leader.

No, it's a permanent position. Well as permanent as these things...

- (the smile on Wesley's face fades away into nothing) -

No, I certainly won't be fired. - Ah. Well, yes, I was that one time, yes. - Again... No, you're right. I see how... - Yes, I'd forgotten, thank you. - Yes. - Ah, just recently.

Uhm, it's going quite well so far. - - No, I think this time... - I hope it will be different. - No. No, you're right. I see how... - I just thought you'd be... I thought you'd want to know, that's all. - Right. Well - again, happy birthday. - Okay.
trust in the harper.
the harper is good.
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