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On a serious note, there's probably an underlying common theme to many of them. Feed the theme & the interests will take care of themselves.
I guess the theme would be that I want to be an expert at something, I want to really excel at it, no matter what it is. With writing, I want to do something that gets read by millions of people, not for the money, but so that I can share my ideas, my viewpoint. It might be that I just want to have a voice and be able to speak out loudly and clearly with it.
OK, so take it to the next level: what is it about being an expert that appeals to you? Is it being respected by others? Being listened to? Being thought of as perfect? Being able to persuade yourself that you're perfect?

I'm not suggesting you necessarily answer these and similar related questions in the thread, just that you might want to try to figure out what it is you're looking for. Once you figure that out, it'll be much clearer as to which interests best fulfil that aim and you'll probably find your motivation to first commit to one of them rising too.

Good luck!
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