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Re: The Law Returns. This Time With His Helmet On! Judge Dredd!

I'm not a Judge Dredd expert by any means and maybe actual Dredd fans can pipe up here if there are any but I'm guessing that Dredd not taking off his helmet is part of the iconic symbolism from the comics and even Stalone himself in an interview I believe stated that he regretted doing that in his film. Dredd is part of a authoritarian state and the Judges are a symbol of that state's authority and power. I'm guessing that by taking off his helmet in the original movie that humanize Dredd which is fine I suppose if you are attempting to make him relate- able to the audience. As far as I know and again...Dredd fans please correct me...the reason why this particular aspect is such a big deal is that Dredd never takes off his helmet in the comics. Maybe fans thought that was the film's way of slighting the comics or something. I dunno. Either way in this film the helmet stays on.
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