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Re: The Law Returns. This Time With His Helmet On! Judge Dredd!

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Those were isolated incidents and only two times in three films. You're also forgetting the mid-section of the first film when Toad used his tongue to whip Cyclops' visor off, FWIW. So technically three times. My point being, though, that Cyclops either had glasses or a visor on during most of the time he was on-screen, so I don't see the problem with Judge Dredd never taking off his helmet.
The point is that there's a difference between "rarely" and "never." And I'm not citing the removals of his visor as fodder for some kind of debate on the rightness or wrongness of showing the actor's face -- I'm simply offering a factual correction to the assertion that he never removed it. I have no agenda in that beyond getting the facts straight.

And as I explained, the problem -- which is the studios' problem, not mine -- is a matter of the fame of the actor involved. Bryan Singer could get away with keeping a visor over James Marsden's face for most of his screen time because James Marsden isn't famous. If they'd cast Brad Pitt as Cyclops, it's a guarantee that he would've spent half the trilogy with his powers neutralized so he could show his eyes. You have to realize, we fans look at these things in terms of the characters and the internal story logic, but the studios are looking at them in terms of the star power and the profit potential. If it's an obscure or only moderately known character actor, then sure, keep the face hidden the whole movie, they don't care. But if it's someone famous, someone whose face alone is a money-earner, then they want that face to be visible.
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