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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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Better format?
But still a good review if a bit too, for my tastes, bogged down in clutter and statistic keeping. I'm much more interested in your thoughts on the episode, how the show works, how the characters are evolving and what you think of the seires so-far up to this point.
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Right now it is close to unreadable. It looks more like a stream of consciousness dumped to paper. With some formatting and cutting it would be a lot better.
My thoughts ezzakly. In the Buffy thread, I basically skim thru, skipping the massive piles of statistics and just reading the precious few thoughts that pertain to the episode itself. And I really don't care about the fanficcers and shippers stuff.

On the episode: While I don't DISlike any episodes of Firefly, I really don't like the "she's a wiiitch!!!" aspect of this one. Hard to believe anyone would still act that way 500 years from now, especially in a society that obviously embraces multiple religions living side-by-side.

On Zoe's "cut down" rifle: The official name for a Winchester cut down like that is a "Mare's Leg," and it's officially classified as a handgun under current federal law because of its short barrel (less than 16") and lack of a shoulder stock.
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