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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

You've really got pre-Dominion War Damar's personality down, exactly as I imagined he was!

I knew there was no way Dukat's apology would come without strings, but DANG, my skin started to CRAWL when he started touching Jarol uninvited!!!! UGH!

I have to say, Jarol still has some real Cardassian hypocrisy. It's a shame because until now she hasn't had that, but it seems the experience of losing her family has put that into her. "I'm superior to Bajorans--I don't hate them all." Uh...riiiiiiiiiiight. I hope that maybe she'll think about those words later and realize why they're so wrong.

And poor Brennok!!!!!! I really hope he'll be able to find a way to heal in spirit soon.

(And damn those Klingons. "Honorable" my ass--they're just space Vikings who THINK they're all that.)
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