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Re: Things that have Changed Since You were in School

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.... The biggest change I've seen is a heavy use of the Internet, including online class discussions and submitting assignments online. (And the ability to Google the answers, of course, not that I do that. )
Come to think of it, that's a noticeable change for me, too.

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My sister teachers undergraduates ... She's also had a series of emails that looked like spam. They were from an AOL account with a username she didn't recognize, no name on the email, and a bunch of attachments she was smart enough not to open. It turned out that this was a student's attempt at turning in his homework, but he waited until the end of the semester to ask her why she hadn't graded his assignments.
What a Maroon ! Forgot one or more of the rules for Emailing homework: 1) Be sure it is a permited method of turning it in in the first place, 2) Be sure that your teacher recognises what it's for by writing your name and/or course number in the subject, and 3) Be sure it is in a file format that he/she can open.
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