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Re: What do you do...

Well..hmm... if its career wise...find something were you can combine a lot of it. Like in my career I have lots of things inside I can combine. Be it being creative, musical, nature-observing, sportive, languages, meeting different people from different cultures and believes ....
And I even can combine other things from personal life with it, like travelling...I can get postcards and books and songs and such to bring with me for my job. I can start projects of all kinds, be it gardening, baking or crosscultural communication.
I can also put some Astronomy inside my job, actually everything that I find interressting, the whole world, good things, but also problems, like starting helping projects, all my personal passions and well as cultural neccessitities, that combined with their wishes and needs makes a great educational enviroment...and I can help form the future of the worlds too. And may even combine the job with writing in a sense, because of so many situation, that can be made into a book.
See? Easy! You follow one career and have everything inside that you want to do also in personal life.
Though of course it might also be good to choose one thing were you become really good, but you dont have to give up everything else for it.

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