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Re: The Law Returns. This Time With His Helmet On! Judge Dredd!

I'm sure they'll hire him a chin coach to beef it up for the part.
I have to wonder if Hugo Weaving's performance in 'V for Vendetta' had anything to do with convincing the suits that a film could cope with the main actor that never shows his face?

On a side note, I was reading a "History of 2000AD" article some time back and they go into some detail as the the problems with the movie; both conceptually and from a production standpoint. Boy, that was one unhappy set!
What stood out for me though was the mention that Rob Schneider's character was originally killed off but a test screen audience reacted negativly to this so they re-shot a scene with him still alive. Who did they screen that film for? Patients recovering from brain surgery?

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