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Re: Things that have Changed Since You were in School

I can remember my second-grade teacher fighting with a projector when we were trying to watch a movie. Then, in junior high, the music teacher tried to show us a movie on VHS, but she wasn't used to using a VCR and accidentally put the tape in backwards. The class got a good laugh at her when she had to get a library tech to help her figure out what she did wrong.

Of course, today's schools probably use DVDs. Last semester, the professor for one of my grad school classes used YouTube clips in his lectures.

Which reminds me, I graduated from college in 2000 but started taking graduate classes last year. The biggest change I've seen is a heavy use of the Internet, including online class discussions and submitting assignments online. (And the ability to Google the answers, of course, not that I do that. )

My sister teachers undergraduates, and I've heard the complaints about students checking Facebook instead of listening to the lecture. She's also had a series of emails that looked like spam. They were from an AOL account with a username she didn't recognize, no name on the email, and a bunch of attachments she was smart enough not to open. It turned out that this was a student's attempt at turning in his homework, but he waited until the end of the semester to ask her why she hadn't graded his assignments.
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