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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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Better format?
Slightly. I still, personally, think you need to make the headings of your sections bolded to distinguish them from the list themselves, get rid of the parentheticals ("title the porn industry thought of!", "see I spelled it right!", etc.) and the "FONT" tags do not work on the board so they're just clutter and Times Roman is a shitty font anyway. But the double-hard returns between each section is a huge improvement.

But still a good review if a bit too, for my tastes, bogged down in clutter and statistic keeping. I'm much more interested in your thoughts on the episode, how the show works, how the characters are evolving and what you think of the seires so-far up to this point.

"Safe" is probably one of my least favorite episodes which is like picking one of my least favorite times of sex with Jewel Staite. It's sort of a "something has to be at the bottom" thing. It had aspects I liked, Simon really being shown he's "part of the crew" by Mal and getting a bit more into the "past" with River and Simon but I found the "kidnapped"/"witch" stuff a bit hokey. Still, damn just thinking about parts of this episode and the character moments and stuff just makes me wish this series got more than a half-season. This could've been an awesome series.
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