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Re: What do you do...

Kestra wrote: View Post
I'm not the best person for sharing experiences, because I've jumped around a lot and I think I'll always be a bit fickle in all areas of life.

That being said, you can't do everything. If you're talking about a career, you need to find something you enjoy but also something you're good at and that makes for a viable living. You'll have to sacrifice some of your interests to do so. Working as a wedding planner was awesome because it allowed me to utilize so many of my abilities that wouldn't be touched on in many other fields. Now that I'm back in school and getting more into research, I've realized that I missed science, and using my mind in certain ways.

I try to find a balance between everything and apply it towards something productive. I have a lot of creative interests, so I try to channel those into cooking, or I often offer to help out when someone needs something decorated or whatever. If you're interested in some sort of athletic endeavour or the outdoors, channel it into a good fitness routine.

Like I said, I'm fickle and I'm always a bit terrified that I'm going to change my mind at any given point. But I'm really digging psychology and I think it's going to work because it's challenging, and it's about people. Those are two important things to me. Figure out what's important to you and seek a career related to it, but realize that you won't always be able to satisfy all your interests.
Reasonable and sensible as always, and I can relate to such a fickle nature. It's why I find it so hard to focus. I know I can do and enjoy many things, it's nailing it down to one. Thanks for the advice, Kestra.

Windoze 95 wrote: View Post
I agree with Kestra, you will have to leave behind some of your interests to pursue any given thing.

Narrow it down. If one of those many interests is something that will be big sometime soon, go for it. And look at a couple of things first. What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? What do people like and dislike? Can you go in a certain direction with the least amount of dislikes?

I've gotten down to writing and web designing, and I'm doing both for a little while. Try two of your favorite interests as non-professional (is amateur the right word?), and have friends and family look over them. Then, whatever you are best at, go for it!
I enjoy writing. I've got hundreds of manuscripts lying around half finished, half edited, and I always have this feeling that if I could just get it together, I could write some great stuff.

TheBrew wrote: View Post
I still do many things. Right now I am pursuing IT professionally, but I still play music (I'm in a band), draw, get involved in politics and write. I like to keep my options open and develop all of my skills so that when opportunity knocks, I can switch it up.
Exactly. I do a little bit of everything. I guess, like you and others in this thread, I'm a Jack of All Trades. I just have to become a Master of One!

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