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Re: Things that have Changed Since You were in School

Bipedal dinosaurs (like T-Rex) were depicted as dragging their tails on the ground everywhere they walked.

On the infrequent occasions we had any sort of "media" in school it was usually in the form of 16mm film on a cart that was used to move the projector and an approximately 25 inch diagonal rear projection screen.
On the rare occasion we were treated to video media the only mechanism was trough the program being broadcast on what is now the local PBS affiliate (VCRs hadn't been invented yet).

One of my high school math teachers demonstrated an amazing portable computer that could add, subtract, multiply and divide. It was only the size of a toaster and only cost about $7000! For our class work we had to use pencil, paper and a mechanical device called a slide rule. The year after I graduated a four function calculator nearly the size of today's external hard drives was considered a bargain at $100 and completely depleted its batteries after 3 hours of use.

Tests and the limited quantity of hand outs were reproduced using a mimeograph process that produced purplish print on the page. Thinking back, the fumes emanating from those pages when they were fresh out of the machine probably would have produced a high if inhaled for a prolonged period.

We weren't allowed candy in class but were allowed all the cherry or lemon cough drops we could afford from the school operated store.

The only time anyone was allowed to wear shorts was in high school gym class (where we changed and showered in the locker rooms). No matter how warm the June or September weather got, boys were required to wear long pants in class (jeans not permitted though). Since it would only be used for a few weeks, the classrooms weren't air conditioned. On the other hand, girls had to wear dresses or skirts to class no matter how cold the winter weather got. The girls were allowed slacks on the bus or walking to and from school, but had to change before the first class and change back to the slacks after their last class if they wanted to wear the slacks on the way home.

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