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What do you do...

When you have too many interests?

I've been browsing through my old high school yearbook, and finding my old classmates on Facebook. As I find them and add them, I'm seeing how updated their lives have become, and I remembered in high school that it was figured by many of the people I knew that by this time in my life, I'd be a very successful person. Obviously, this hasn't happened, and there are a myriad number of reasons for it.

While I won't get into the rest of those, I will say that one of them is that I am interested in nearly everything. I have so many interests, that I can't focus on one of them and pursue it. I speak on not only a career level, but on a personal one. There's just too much I can do.

Is there anyone here who has so many interests but has successfully pursued one of them and made a stable career of it? How did you manage to focus? How did you discipline yourself to take one path and make it work?

This is open to everyone, I would like your answers, methods, whatever worked for you.

❄ A Joyful Holiday Season to You All! ❄

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