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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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The argument could also be made that Adana wasn't the special case, Bajor was. The Federation might only have a problem with religious based caste systems, not caste systems in general.
That would hardly be logical on the part of the Federation. Why single out just religious cases?
Oh it isn't logical, but neither is treating two different planets by two different standards, the only difference between Adana and Bajor would (at least on the surface) be that one caste system is class based and the other religious based.

Actual the discussion between Sisko and Kira about the Federation not admitting Bajor if there was a caste system does prove part of my theory, if the Federation had the power to change it Members laws and societies, then all the Federation would have to do is admit Bajor with a caste system and then dissolve the caste system. The effect would be the same as admitting Bajor without a caste system in the first place.

If I'm right and Bajor had been made a Federation Member while a caste system was in place, then there would be nothing the Federation government could have done about it, just like it couldn't have done anything about Adana's. And that assumes that the Federation even has a general prohibition against caste systems.

Once the Member is sending a representative it doesn't make any difference if the Member has one government or a thousand.
But it does. Why would the Federation want to have as it's member something as uneffective as the today's UN? Every time the governments within can't agree on something (which is most of the time), the representative on the Federation Council would find his hands tied.
If a group with too many voices can't make decisions, then how do you think the Federation council get anything done with it one hundred and fifty voices ?

T'Girl, I know you're partial to the 'confederation' view of the UFP but I think history has showed confederations do not work in the long term (I don't think there's really a single true confederation left today). They are simply ineffective and eventually either disolve or turn into proper federations.
The difference would be that the Federation government isn't a true central national government, it would have few of the traditional duties, remember each of the member planet already have established national governments, either one or many. The same government that the various worlds have before joining, is the same government after, none of the duties and responsibilities are transferred to the Federation. The Federation government's only responsibilities are limited specific areas.

Imagine a chain of islands in the middle of the ocean, the Federation is only responsible for the deep water, the members are responsible for the land and the shallows.

Why are EU members ready to give up a portion of their sovereignty to the EU?
Good question, do you have a answer?

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