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Re: Things that have Changed Since You were in School

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Brontosaurus became Apatosaurus, and it is unlikely that Stegosaurus used its plates for protection -- how would they have sex?!
Very, VERY carefully?
Sarek of Vulcan wrote: View Post
. . . The only kids who had cell phones were the ones with rich parents.
When I was in school, there was no such thing as a cell phone. Only rich people had mobile car phones. And they sucked. (The phones, I mean.)
Starbreaker wrote: View Post
When I was in school, we learned to read by learning all the vowels and the different sounds they made. Now, they just teach kids to learn by sight, which is probably a million times easier than trying to sound out every letter in a word.
Where do you get the idea that it's easier that way? English is a phonetically written language. It's not Chinese. If kids are taught phonics, they'll be able to learn and sound out new words for themselves. If they're only taught to recognize whole words by sight, they'll have a very limited vocabulary and be unable to pronounce unfamiliar words -- which is exactly what has happened to the generation that was taught the “look-and-say” (more accurately, “look-and-guess”) method of reading.

Fortunately, schools today are returning to traditional phonics -- after raising a generation of functional illiterates.
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