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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

More screenshots!

Here's my Constitution-class starship, the USS Endeavour (NCC-101700). Similar to the steam locomotive Tornado (seen here at, the Endeavour, is less a museum ship, more a modern-day tribute to the venerable ships of the 23rd (or 22nd, if you prefer! ) Century, built with all the benefits of early 25th Century engineering know-how.

Like the Discovery, the ship is a homage to the Space Shuttle Orbiters, and the registry number is a homage to both the USS Constitution and the USS Constellation, being a 'portmanteau' of the two.

Another shot, taken in Vulcan orbit - I was trying to emulate the classic stock 'flyby' shots from the classic shows.

Endeavour's modern-day counterpart Discovery, arriving at Vulcan (IMO the best place in STO for space shots, because of the decent lighting and authentic-looking starfield!).

My latest acquistion, fresh from Deep Space Nine - the Danube-class runabout USS Amazon (NCC-93647). I went with DS9's convention of naming runabouts after Earth's rivers - strangely enough, Amazon never got used during the shows (not that I'm complaining! ).

The Amazon, dwarfed by a majestic Galaxy-class starship - even at this distance, it's just so cool to see how big the things are!

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