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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

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^^ I like "Jane Austin" type films and I didn't think this was horribly done... Victorian lit has a little corn to it, I mean It was a holonovel and a "deliberate parody".
I felt is was a stereotypical way a middle aged woman would spend her free time and it made me smile the first time i saw it. Ok, fine...I giggled.
I get what you mean about alienating because I could never get into Sisko's baseball obsession...
However they dont do much more with this holoprogram... Maybe you'll like Da Vinci.
I don't want to comment on episodes I haven't technically rewatched yet, but what I don't like about this Victorian-era literature is that it's grounded in a very socially oppressive era of Earth history, filled with traditional gender roles and outdated stereotypes. I find this detracts from Janeway as it would better if she was shown enjoying something So yes, I do like the Da Vinci stuff better than this. Although it would have been nicer if she'd been been given a female historical figure/role model to interact with like Marie Curie (which would have augmented her scientific background nicely).

Also re: Sisko + baseball. Pretty much the only reason that cliqued with me is that I love Cricket and Baseball is the closest thing Americans have to the game. :P

I would've hated if he'd been into Gridiron or Water Polo (lol Archer).

Anyway, I should get on with some more reviews asap!
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