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I just downloaded the NEW Content for Mass Effect 2 with the new Hover Vehicle and the mission to shut down the AI at the Cerberus research complex.

This is getting good.
This mod has the the stuff that the real game need.
1-A new hover vehicle with destructive capablities instead of being fairied but a shuttle from Star Trek TNG

2-Great Difficulty

All in all....
I have to say that Playing the Downloadable content has made MASS EFFECT to Really Good when it really suxed as a total product with pulling out and revamping the weapons situation with heat clips.

2-Destroying the Normandy for no reason.
3-A pointless Main Character Death at the beginning.
4-The annoying continuance of the ineffective government
5-The monotonous Mineral scanning.
6- The Funky Character Missions that feel like complete and utter Time Wasters. It just doesn't make sense why you have to gain the loyal to of People that are already loyal to you.

7- The Gameplay hallways that lead you in only one direction like some sort of arcade game.

About the only thing I liked about the new Mass Effect was the Powerful new destructive weapons and the Downloadable content. I love the Armors KEEP THEM COMING.

The DC is what makes this game worth the money.
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