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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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...I'm just going to say that there are plenty of points in this thread where Neozeks expresses my thinking better than I do, his last post being a great example. WTF is up with that?
It's obvious. I have mind-reading powers.

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Has it ever clearly been laid out what the conditions for UFP membership to be granted are, canonically? I'm coming out of a migrane, and don't fully recall.
Not really. We do know caste based discrimination is a no-no (yes, someone will bring up Ardana, but it can be argued that was a special case). Also, a unified world government is very much prefered, but I think it's not an absolute requirement. Aside from that, if you believe the Federation is a liberal social democracy, as I do, I suppose it would be respect for basic rights, social justice, general stability of the society etc. The exact requirements are probably very detailed and technical and the process probably lasts a long time in the best of cases, not to mention the more unusuall ones. To use the EU as an example, Iceland is a fully developed Western country, yet it's admission into the EU will still take years - and we're not even talking about completely alien cultures and full federalism here.
What if it's a smart fungus?
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