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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

My Ratings
Hart (7) - Didn't have much too do and could not stop the goal that never was but look assured and important save at the end.

Johnson (6) - A few misplaced passes and poor crossing ruined his forward attempts. Still look unconvincing at the back.

Terry (7) - Looked solid enough and helped Jagelkia settle in alongside. Past his peak but can benefit England still and we need it at the back so much.

Jagelkia (7) - Looks to had earned his place alongside JT in next months Q/F. Was solid throughout and with more experience and match time ewith Everton could step up to the next level in his game quite easily. Unlucky with own goal was Dawson's fault plus never went over the line.

A.Cole (6) - Got forward but then did nothing with the ball and looks less impressive at the back than recent years. I personally feel hes doesn't care much abou ENG these days.

Walcott (6) - Much better than his last few ENG caps but still making the same old mistakes. Apart from one great ball his crossing needs to improving and too often slows down with the ball and clearly is in 2 minds. Needs to drop the Arsenal mentality to pass at anytime and just run at players instead.

Lampard (5) - Worst player on the pitch was simply invisible to everyone. Doesn't suit the system and must be dropped to the bench, too slow to dominate a game unlike Gerrard.

Barry (6) - Worrying times for ENG/Barry, clearly past his peak and needs a better partner alongside him other than Lamps (Milner/Rodwell). Lacks pace but that just means he should adopt a more Makelele role though passing not to his normal high standards.

Johnson (6.5) - Flashes of what he could do and really should of scored. Will get better with age and experience but shown he can go past players a rare ENGLISH ability indeed. Must remain in the ENG XI

Gerrard (8.5) - Man of the match and a complete different player in the middle. Has been the next Hoddle for the last 4 years, played wrong by McClaren/Capello for too long but now could be set free. 2 world class goals and never stopped giving, a true captain performance.

Rooney (6) - Unlucky with offside goal when Stevie should passed it sooner but after that was back to being a mere shadow of his former self. Lucky ref didn't spot his 2 acts of Petchulant child like antics. The new system is right so Capello should remember these words no single player is bigger than the team = If can't operate up front on his own must be dropped for someone like Agbonlahor who offers real pace and goal threat. Wayne play off the defenders shoulders and through the gaps or get out.

Gibbs (7) - Was a breathe of fresh air with more energy than a power grid. Got forward well and beat players at ease not too metion his final ball looked better than Cole's. Didn't look out of his depth at all watch out Cashley.

Dawson (6) - Recovered after his mistake let Hungary score (well kind of). Needs to play with the likes of Terry/Ferdinand to get best out of him but most likely will start on the bench in september.

Young (6.5) - Looked decent though needs to be more confident on the ball. A few runs give us hope he can perform for England though will be better on the right than the left IMO.

Milner (6) - Didn't get much to do but sat in the hole alongside Barry and did a better job of it than Lampard. Until Rodwell is ready Milner should play the role alongside Barry pushing up when ENG are on the ball and slotting back when defending.

Zamora (7) - So unlucky not too score twice if it wasn't for two superb saves from the Hungary number 1. Powerful header at the end makes Crouch inability to head even worse but that chest turn and volley was the stuff Rooney should be doing. Will be in the squad next month and deserves to be.

Wilshire (N/A) - 10 mins not enough to see him but I have no doubt he can be the future repalcement for Gerrard after 2012 until then a become a key squad player to learn his trade.

Capello still got it wrong with no Rodwell who was the m,an of the match for the U21's this week. Also Agbonlahor must be in there and I wonder how well he would link up with someone like Zamora but there are decent signs still of what we saw. Capello retirement of Beckham was done in a poor way and he will never command the same respect again though lucky for him the players don't need him to play well as along as he picks the right ones.
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