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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

Another point where I think I tripped myself up with my tongue.

I should really be clearer. I see First Contact as both an event and a process.

There's the event of first contact (which should indeed be a happy occasion, if mostly in hindsight)...And then follows the process of first contact. We've been talking about both, I think.

See, I see FC the event (or sequence of events) being something one celebrates only in retrospect, maybe not for years afterwards. While it's happening, even the most well-disposed locals are going to be pretty scared, probably. Might not show it, but the fear will be there.

FC as a process, the process of "saying hello" and introducing the new folks to the fact that the galaxy is suddenly a lot bigger than they thought it was...Probably takes years to go from something tentative to something relatively normal where you might not say relations are still being established.

But yes, that is side-tracking us from new member integration. Before we begin that, though...Has it ever clearly been laid out what the conditions for UFP membership to be granted are, canonically? I'm coming out of a migrane, and don't fully recall.
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