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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Gibraltar -- OMG! Remind me not to mess with you. CORTEX BOMB? Keychain fob of death? You're right though, Malik's been making fools of the Tesseract crew so far. We'll see what his endgame is (or if he even has one). As for the advisory board, yeah. They're an issue, and particularly the admiral. It's not so much just that they're there and present -- that's the whole point of them being on the ship. It's the fact that this has never been done before, no one knows the etiquette, people are testing and overstepping boundaries, and Adele has a limited window in which to establish her dominance over that ship or she will be in big trouble. All this in the midst of craziness no one expected. Have fun with that, Adele. Thanks for the review.

CeJay -- Yes, your views on the advisory board are long established, and being validated as we speak! I'm glad you liked the chapter, and yes, Adele owes her First and her chief engineer a very. Long. Chat. Hopefully they survive long enough to get their asses chewed out by their captain.
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