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Re: Help me identify an old tv space show!!!

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Could it have been Earthstar Voyager, a 2 part mini series, backdoor pilot for a tv series, produced by Disney?

It's the only obscure space based, live action, non kids show/mini series from the mid to late 80s that hasn't been mentioned. Plus the Duncan Regehr part matches the thought you were dead/scruffy looking part. See if the pictures on that German dvd cover looks familiar.
From the wiki:
"Along the way to Demeter, they pick up the long lost astronaut Jacob 'Jake' Brown, while stopping at an abandoned station to make some repairs."

You got it! That's it! Wow, awesome thanks so much. You magnificent bast@#d! Sorry for the outburst but it's a huge weight off me man!

Looks like my assumptions were a little off lol, and my memory is terrible lol. It was 1988 not 1982 so I was 12 not 6!

And it was filmed entirely in Canada, it was a Disney production, shown over two Sundays (Disney movie nights, remember those?)...ah the good ol' days.

Gonna have to get a copy of this and watch it again!

Trailer here:

In the trailer, note the bearded dude (Duncan Regehr - thanks cylkoth!) and notice the electric braclet death match!

Ha! Trekbbs never disappoints!

/end over-excitement


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