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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

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As for the Eleventh Doctor Tardis set... I still kinda want it but it still like it looks like shit. The Ninth/Tenth Tardis set was easy to finish. You just printed out the wall panels floating around the net and there you were.

With this one, with the crazy, jagged cuts, the walls not even reaching the ceiling/top of the time rotor and the exterior doors just being a cardboard print... it still comes across as cheap and lazy.
See, least with the Nine/Ten tardis playset, it had a decent but still toyish look to it. I loved it and infact considered buying one, but didnt.

For Gods sake, they even had a police box front with the time vortex printed on the outside on the inner wall inserts so it looked like you were looking at the police box, which you were. You could open the doors and see in just like the show, and make the Doctor walk through and into the Tardis. Thats inspired design and toy making.

With this one being a printed police box interiror is, just, fucking crap.

Also this one, ironically like the actual set itself, needs to be bigger in scale to accomodate the actual stuff and features it has.

Give this playset more room, and the stair ways will flow better instead of looking like ladders and the off-shoots above and below will look better becaseu theyre not so close together it will just not only look better, but will be easier for kids, and us, to play with or display.

What i might do though is try and get hold of Elevens console separately on ebay, and do something like i did with Nine/Tens console from the playset and place it inside the flight control tardis to give it depth. I found a flight control tardis at a boot sale the other month, so now i have two RTD police boxes, so i might give it a respray and paint the window frames so i have an Eleventh Tardis. Its not that im being cheap, its just a fact that the first flight control tardis is better than the new one, besides, the windows and interior light up.
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