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Re: Batman Inc. The Yellow Oval Is Retunring!

Ewwww... don't even joke about that! LOL

I like the new suit honestly and the whole Batmen idea is kinda interesting. Would also let there be a "Batman" all over the DCU even though Bruce could be at home in Gotham rebuilding his life and Dick could be taking to the streets with Damien. I always did think that there needs to be a "Street Level" Batman and a "World Level" Batman. I mean look at the old JLU show - Batman went from fighting street thugs and mobsters to all of a sudden defending Earth against alien invasions and other more worldly super powered threats. So uhm... while he was up on the Watchtower playing with Superman and Wonder Woman... who was minding the store in Gotham? Surely he didn't say "Hey Clark, Di.. I need to go and rough up some thugs in Gotham... just so they don't forget I'm still around. I'll be back. Want me to bring back donuts?"
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