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Re: Batman Inc. The Yellow Oval Is Retunring!

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I wonder if maybe the way to go would be to bring in some minor DC heroes who haven't been used much in recent years and give them a Bat-makeover. That way you'd be dealing with people who have already proven themselves as heroes.
I think it would be good to get a combination of new and old talent. The old talent would think they know everything (and be in for a rude awakening), and the new talent would probably spend a lot of time hero-worshiping.

My guess is that there would be at least one acrobat (Dick's influence), one young assassin-in-training (Damien's influence), several minor and new non-superhero characters (probably the sons and daughters of various super-heroes--ones who ended up not being born with superpowers), and a bunch of non-powered up-and-coming superheroes.
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